Mission & Vision

What are we doing here?

A Spirit-filled, Family Church...

The Mission: Spirit-Filled

The mission of Relentless Church is simple:
to create an environment solely focused on one thing - encountering the presence of God through His Spirit. It should only be about that. We may have events, and programs, and stuff - but the stuff that we do never - ever - takes the focus off of Him and what He wants. We only do what we see Him doing. And if we can't encounter God in the middle of something we're doing, we don't want to do it. 

The Vision: Family Church

The vision of Relentless Church is also simple:
everyone is family. To us, that means that we don't care how long you've attended, where you came from, what you look like, if you give, if you'll be back, or whether or not you meet some other intangible criteria. If you're with us, you're with us. And we'll love you like family (should),  care for you, and do everything we can to support one another as we relentlessly pursue the Creator.

Why Burnet?

Because God has been moving pieces behind the scenes long before we were aware of it and has more in store than we can imagine for Burnet County
Because the nearly 7,000 people in Burnet and 48,000 in county need a place to grow
 Because the hurting need a place to find healing
Because the lost need a place to find truth
Because the created need a place to learn about the Creator
Because church isn't supposed to be divisive - but united
Because the rare combination of need & desire for higher levels of God's
presence and power is undeniably present
Because He said so

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