"Coming here was like coming home."
- Jerry -

"It's great going somewhere where I can see the things the Bible talks about really happen."
- Jake

"I can go anywhere. But I'm so grateful I found a place my kids feel plugged in and connected."

- Roxanne

"Coming to Relentless was like the last puzzle piece dropping into place and the picture making sense."

- Robert

"I feel like they really care about you know matter who you are or what you're going through."

- Whytne

"They're the closest thing I've ever experienced to the book of Acts."

- Brian

"I feel the real love of God in this place."

- Nevaeh

Come visit us - Sundays at 10am 

A Spirit-filled, family church

We believe that the church is one of the most necessary and vital components to a healthy and fulfilled life. And while there are many different types of churches and opinions on what church should look like, we believe that a great church has 2 basic elements: a source of connection to the relentless and overwhelming power of God that only wants to transform our lives and the lives around us, and secondly, a place where no matter where you come from, what you have been through, or how you look or feel, you have people that care for you and about you like a family should.

We are boat-jumpers.

Like Peter jumping out of the boat to walk on water towards Jesus, we don't hesitate to jump when He calls us out. This may mean a crazy level of courage and facing the unknown below, but we'd rather jump out and walk on water than be one of the 11 watching  from the boat.

We are work trucks.

Any good work truck has a few good dents, scratches, and scars. And with those comes a story of a lesson learned or a job completed. Our dings and dents are our story and our experiences and we embrace and share all of it as we work towards the goal of becoming more like the Jesus we read about.

We are story-tellers.

We all love a good story. And each of us has our own unique story to tell - about our past, our failures, and our successes. We believe that the most basic things Jesus calls us to do is tell the story of how we met Him or what He means to us. Maybe starting here is the start of a new chapter in your life.

What do we believe?

We believe that your belief system should be a platform to build on and not a cage to restrict. We believe that it all starts with encountering the undeniable, internal and unshakeable feeling that there is more - and that more is felt and found in the presence of God, because of Jesus, and via His Holy Spirit.

 Theologically, we are most closely aligned with the Assemblies of God in their fundamental truths while also allowing for people to be on their own journey to Christ. Thankfully, Jesus doesn't require that we have it all figured out to follow Him.

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Get to know our leaders.

Kellen & Christy Catlin
Hi! We're Kellen & Christy Catlin. We've been married for 18 years and have 4 kids - Ally, Evey, Dash, and Kerringtyn. In our home and church life (which tend to blend together a lot) we believe in balance and unity. We work together to make the best decision as to what's best for our family - and we lead the same way.

Our life's work and calling has been and continues to be helping people experience what Jesus truly meant when He established the church. We don't have all the answers, but we know that church is a place that should be fun, peaceful, healthy, and effective in improving your life and the lives of those around you.

We hope we get the opportunity to show you how we do that!

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Sundays at 10am - currently meeting in Trailblazer Grille